Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where I'm writing from

It's Sunday morning, there are many projects on the go and coffee is being had, in this little guy below.
Running will happen within the next couple of hours.
I thought I would give a glimpse into the space where I do most of my writing (my dining room table. Oddly, not my desk.  My desk is usually for "real work" and I associate it as such.
I face the dining room window as I write, now flooded with light, and I often listen to music, on headphones if Mike is asleep, on my jbl dock if he's awake or out.
My tall sideboard holds some (not all) of my book collection, and what you see below is stacked two-deep on the shelves, meaning there is a row of books behind the ones you're seeing.

The title of this post is a play on the title of the book by Raymond Carver, "Where I'm Calling From" (see below).  I don't go in for many of the 'best seller' titles, and my appetite for memoir is such that I don't do too much fiction reading, but some of the titles on the shelves below are forever-favourites.

I've loaded photos, written text, and coffee is cold. 
Happy Sunday!  

Sunday morning coffee

The bar. A portrait of my Dad at 21.

Shot glass collection. First card Mike ever gave me
(it says "you are so very Super Fly").
Cover of the New Yorker, my birthday, 2009.
Pic of Mike, me, and L. on my first trip to NYC, 2010

What I glance over at as I write--my dining room 'sideboard'
for lack of a better description.
My vision board.
Photos of me and my sis..then and now.

Sideboard again. Candles, card, family photos.
My dad on crutches on the left there. 

Some of the classics, including my battered
copy of 1984 by George Orwell.

I am a bona fide addict of Alexander McCall Smith, the Scottish
writer of the distinguished No.1 Ladies Detective Agency
series, and the Isabel Dalhousie series.

More treasured favourites. All of the books
on this shelf are must-reads.

These are a mixed bag--alternately, some vacation reads,
and then some very serious fare.

Light and dark, together on one shelf.
"Instructions for your discontent" there on the end.
An odd little book I purchased in 2003, perfect for my
Carver "Where I'm Calling From", the title of this post
a nod to this great book of stories. 

Carver again. Some Marian Keyes. 

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