Monday, March 5, 2012

Journal 136 Conversations

As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar (and the antithesis of that is: if you pull their wings off, they'll eat whatever you give them).

So began my Monday morning today.
Tracking down the buyer's agent.
I found her on a typical realtor-roster website, and read her little bio here, looked at her fetching photo and thought, in my head, you liar.
My favourite is the "being honest and building trust and confidence..." ummm Miss:

I telephoned her office. She wasn't in. I think this was a omen.
I considered my next move.
I asked to speak to her boss, knowing that large real estate factory might have some sensitivity
to their reputation being sullied by an agent who sold a home to a family member, however distant or close, and then smoke-screened a financing issue, clouding a deal with doubt, and setting into motion a chain of events that nearly sent me right over the bloody edge.
Her boss sounds like a nice man. He stammered his incredulous apologies. I accepted them, gracefully.
I heard myself saying, in our defence, "We're a nice family, we're honest, we would have never done anything to tarnish the deal, we signed an agreement, and we understood what we signed".
I explained to him that this was a very emotional deal for us, my mother's marital home, my father's death. He listened. I felt heard, really only ever the most important thing.
We concluded the call. I thanked him, sincerely. He promised to follow up with her, his errant employee, and I communicated my appreciation.
I contacted my lawyer and tossed about the lawsuit idea. He said I would need actual damages to put a suit together (or if only Thursday and Friday could be translated into material measurements). I concurred. I thanked him too. He, along with his kind staff, made this deal happen when it almost didn't, as far as I'm concerned.

So technically, I've now done my due diligence. I've named her, I've shamed her, and I feel like that should be enough.
So why doesn't it?

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