Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Journal 145 Just me, complaining again

"Indeed, expectations and anticipation can create stress. So a suggestion is to stop them in their tracks. Welcome future situations with a clean slate."

This is an actual line from a counselling tool I found on a government website about dealing with stress.
As in, this is for real, by the Canadian government.
Are they serious?
I was incredulous reading their take on how to help people deal with stress in the workplace. No wonder these services are free.

On another note, Softron Tax emailed me today. That's the place I used to go to, for many years, to get my taxes done. I stopped going after 2010 when a screw-up by them cost me money. If I wanted my taxes to get screwed up and then owe money on them, I'd do them myself.
This is the actual tagline from their ad, sent via email blast:

Do you feel like you have to be a rocket scientist to get your taxes done? It's not surprising, taxes can be extremely confusing, and the rules and forms change every year.

Yes. I DO feel like I have to be a rocket scientist to get this done. So I pay someone to do it.
I paid YOU, Softron. Gawd. So when I first got the email from them 'reminding' me to come and get my taxes done, I explained the whole situation, eff-bombing my way through, and I asked them not
to contact me again because when I tried to get a refund from their services, I got the perpetual run-around, and nobody seemed willing to help. So I just backed off.
And now they are offering to "look into it". Look into it all you want people. I have a REAL accountant now.  And who's kidding who (oh an overused phrase I know but I KNOW) I'll never hear from them again.
Day passed quickly, as I had tonnes of layouts, spreadsheets, annoying calls, and things to do that are not remotely my job. That's how time passes so fast.
It looks nice outside, but I don't care.

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