Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Journal 148 (Attempt Three) Six-Word-Sentences


I had always found 'six word Saturdays' on a writer's blog I liked, and I will find the link and post it here;
but my friend H. sent me this link that was featured in the National Post, he has books he has themes...he has it all.
List-making has longgggg been my writer's block cure (I have it now...can you tell? No blog in 3 days, 3 failed attempts, and last night I opened up the fawn-lark journal--I needed some outlet, the real truth, the things I sometimes can't even get into on this blog, much as I'd love to. Nothing earth-shattering--just sometimes more about work--stress, personalities, etc. Just trying to be ever-professional...).

Anyway. I thought of some scrambled six-word sentences since I read this a few minutes ago. The challenge at the end of the article, oddly, was to write a six-word-memoir about work--Oprah did something similar in her magazine a couple of months ago. I know--I don't know the exact issue, because, as advised in the de-cluttering one I'm currently reading, I recycle magazines by trading with my mom and sister...

So...here are a few:

On work:
Putting out fires, email by email.
Meeting many deadlines despite endless meetings.
Blogging is often my preferred work.

On Mike going home:
Up half the night, missing you.
Ate dinner standing up, with wine.
Alone in my apartment. Feels wrong.
Even traffic is okay witih you.

On the state of my condo:
There are alot of things to clean.
Summer clothes, not quite ready yet.
Ironing, dusting, cooking, cleaning, By myself.
Air conditioning in March. Pre-something?

On Monday:
Dinner at my Mom's Felt mothered. :)
Driving home, no traffic. Bad hockey.
Can go to bed early, but can't.
Flossed my teeth. Does it matter?

On Tuesday:
Meetings, afternoon traffic, work at home.
Piles of paper on my couch.
Sunshine.  I avert my eyes, hiding.
Waiting for my show to come on.
Dinner: leftovers, micro-waved, nothing new.

So...that's my breaking of writer's block tonight.
I know...nothing to 'write home about' but at least it's something. My fawn-lark journal entry can go up here at some point, I guess, but it needs editing.
Right now my dishes need washing and my hair needs drying (cool-down shower. I'm way over-heated in this weather, it's really weird. I don't like it).

Okay...more tomorrow.

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