Thursday, March 15, 2012

Journal 146 Thursday, better day

I heard Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty on the drive in this morning, you know things are looking up when.... (aside: for some reason this song will forever remind me of driving from Maine to Toronto with Mike, last winter, still hacking up a lung, day two of the drive, a gorgeous January day that turned into a snowstorm just outside of Buffalo. And that was when we heard the news on the car radio that Mr. Rafferty had died. Same age as my Dad).
Also, upon waking, sky was dark blue again (grey by the time I left the condo, dark rain falling), but as I awoke, the in-between state, I thought it was Wednesday and was mentally reviewing my workday in my head. Then it hit me it was Thursday. Birds sang. (well, not really. A truck started backing up, that beeeep-beeeep-beeeep sound that I SWEAR has become an ear-worm for me).
So things have been better.
And then it hits me.

Mike's leaving soon.

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