Saturday, March 3, 2012

Two Months Today

I wanted to say "Happy two months married!" to Mike with a photo of the beautiful fushcia (sp?) gerbera daisies that are front and center on our dining room table right now, but I can't find my camera, or my camera cord. Weird.
Well, it's Saturday, I have a completely obligation-free day, I'm d'l'ing itunes, blogging, gearing up to run, and just generally thinking happy thoughts about how great these first two months of being married to Mike have been.
Sometimes, when there is no hockey on (LOL) we just put on his computer or my ipod, and play each other songs we like, or whole albums of a band we haven't listened to in a while.
Last week it was that classic rock kick, and after watching the Grammys, Paul performing this, we've listened to it a few times while fixing a late night dinner, and talking.

The to-do list today is mercifully short: run, go to the market, make an amazing dinner, call my mom and see how she is settling in, not calling my agent back, hair-washing, all that fun stuff.

Going to get started.

"Once there was a way ... to get back homeward.... Once there was a get back home.."

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