Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Journal 151 Yawn

As in..this blog.
As in...lately.
As in.....nothing to report.
If I could I would tell you how it feels to arrive at work with an email threatening legal action over something trivial to do with a material item (oops I just did).
If I could I would discuss in detail how truly irritating some peoples' personalities (or complete lack thereof) are (did it again).
In the interest of reminding myself that many many talented people are currently unemployed, and that despite Canada's denial (Ontario?) of recession, that terrifying word, the situation does not appear to be improving.
Rather, it seems to be changing, shape-shifting, morphing. The world of work as we know it.
As I know it.
Everything I read points to massive upheaval.
Resumes can now be viewed on Pinterest. I saw a Twitter posting on this today.

I read this with a mixture of fascination and horror (I know. Oh so original to write that).
But I did. I still do.
I can't decide what this represents. The resume was oddly....social, and I found myself wondering if this guy is a genius or a teenager.

The other was a jaunty little G&M number about interview questions, their validity, and what you really want to know about an employee (can you tell I have work on my mind?)
While I agree the term "five-year-plan" makes me want to leap off a burning building, what I do Sunday afternoons can be remarkably un-telling. (re: read. blog. run. socialize...sometimes. roof-top. stress out. no I don't volunteer at an animal shelter. no I don't shuttle kids around from one activity to the next. I'm sorry. I'm selfish. And, on Sundays, often: lazy. {read: TIRED}.  I don't do group activities. We've talked about this, yes? No?).....

This bothered me too (what the hell Toronto? What are you doing? WHAT?)

Give me the neighbourhood pub, the corner place with something I love.
Is TO turning into a city I just don't like anymore?

Or am I doing that "pull" of sensationalism that I've been warned against?
I'm tired.
It was a longgg ten-plus-hour-day, my computer is rebelling here at home, and it's already well after ten and I need to be at work early tomorrow.

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