Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Journal 137 Updates

I had (again) a whole lovely blog entry floating through my head as I drifted off to sleep last night at 10pm (I tried to move myself to turn on my night-table lamp, grab my fawn-lark journal, and at least scrawl down something, but sleep won).
So here is a snapshot of things I did (and didn't get done) yesterday:
1.  Got to work on time.
2.  Had sushi for dinner, the whole lot, Mike picked it up, and we normally reserve that kind of thing for weekends. It was a treat let me tell you. It made up for having to watch the Leafs-Bruins game. (Leafs lost again, fyi. No surprise ovah heyah to my Boston-New-England-devoted husband).
3.  Managed to watch 2 back-to-back eppys of Secret Diary of a London Call Girl, the second being the one where Bambi gets married, and Hannah/Belle exposes her dirty-scoundrel-lying-sob of a b.f. to his entire office with a chapter in her new book about his 'escapades with escorts' by sending an attachment of her missive on an email which she sends to ALL his colleagues.
4.  Speaking of lying s.o.b.'s (weren't we?) got the latest dish on my own douche of an ex (douche is Mike's favourite word to describe total ****s.  I think it's an American thing. I love it). Anyway, back to the dish: he is now living (keep in mind this is a 'man' {and I use the term loosely} in his forties) with his parents and can no longer work at the restaurant (that I felt compelled to leave after fifteen-odd years of service and damn good pocket change due to his shenaningans and the utter shame I felt), due to the fact that his gf, or I guess, ex-gf. now, got a restraining order against him. Me, in my head, "what-the-f*ck!!????" or that may not have been in my head. It may have been an incredulous text to the text I received. Then I laughed to myself. Almost as much as when I leafed through the gf.'s fb. photos, of her, thick-limbed and wearing a fascinator (I can't make this sh*t up) at some wedding she attended, the douche conspicuously absent. Hint; he probably didn't want to go because he was online dating while you were out, sweetheart.
I go back to this ( because I have truly never seen a karmic law laid down so swiftly, with such punitive force, it's forces bringing real harm, real change, and sweet, savoury justice.
5. Leafed through my old yearbooks from high school. My mom had a box of my 'stuff' from my old room in the house, and packed it all in one box for me to sift through, which I got around to last night.
Mostly it was old drawings and sketchbooks I had done, books (V.C. Andrews anyone?), a few back issues of "Sassy" (one with Kurt Cobain, looking impossibly young, with pink hair and Courtney on the cover) and some of another old favourite "Jane" which was my twenty-something handbook. And the yearbooks. Dear God. I laughed to myself and read the little blurbs about clubs, and sports, and teachers, and thought, why did I have to make it so hard for myself, with my shyness and trepidation? It could have been fun. Oh well.
6.  Commented on a good blog entry I read about being time-stressed (I felt her pain, this writer, yesterday, and then when I read some comments, I noticed the trend of how people make it all about them (yawn). It's so true what I once read in a manners book: people are self-obsessed, so stop worrying that they're thinking about you.
7. Had a client yell at me on the phone, then had a client's wife send me a thoroughly annoyed email. I sent one back. I hate my job sometimes (I know. No surprise to any regular reader here).
8. Went to bed, as I mentioned, at 10pm. Heaven. Am up, in my robe, today, now, feeling spritely, getting ready for work, the sun in shining and it doesn't winter. I know we have months more of Canadian teasing-type weather to come but today looks good.

Gotta go.
Hair, clothes, coffee, car, commute.

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