Monday, March 26, 2012

Journal 150 Whirlwind

I know the months (!) are flying by.
Tonight, Monday, (last Monday of the month) is my condo board meeting. They seem to creep up so fast, at the end of the month, and it's how I remind myself, Oh yes, this bill is due and the mortgage payment is coming out and even though I just brought the car in it needs brake work and I still have friends who I need to see at least a couple of times  a month, even if we can't spontaneously meet each other for weekend lunches or coffee for the most part (little ones), we try to either do Friday nights (I prefer) or the odd odd weeknight (tough for me but I do make exceptions).  And family of course. I am proud to say I had dinner with my mother three times last week, and with my sister and the kids on Saturday night, a great respite for both of us.
Yes, you can see, my LDM is in full effect.
It's been a tough first week being apart, I'm not going to sugar coat it. We've had some truncated phone conversations (this is how it goes: "I'm calling to say I can't talk right now" no joke..I have to laugh. I maintain a schedule that is almost military in its strictness, ie, an alarm bell goes off deep inside my head when 5000 kilometres tick off on the odomter on my car--no I don't wait 8000 kms...Virgo, remember? I get oil changes every 5000. I buy groceries at certain times when I am guaranteed to have the least amount of crowds {Thursday nights}, same with gas and car washes {Friday nights, go ahead, test this out. ESPECIALLY when it's a grey day).  Whereas Mike takes a more laid-back approach to life, one that I wish I could learn to adapt, to some degree. So I can pretty well tell him what I'll be doing for the next week to month, and he goes not even day by day, more like hour by hour.

Went by fast. On the upside, I invested in some "me" time-- a haircut (love it) a pedicure (not that happy. Wore my running shoes there. Wrecked it when I put said shoes on. I calmed down quickly. I'm pretty good at touch-ups, I'll deal with it. Thankfully it was glove and closed-toe shoe weather today, so that helped).
Had a lovely Sunday brunch at my sister's for my mom's birthday, the three of us, some prosecco, bacon, baguette, salad, and eggs (the eggs for them, not me of course).
Saturday was clean, clean, clean, finally doing the front entrance of my condo, where several boxes of 'nothing' have existed for the last month; I cleared them out, stuff from my old room in my parents now-sold house, and kept only my yearbooks and some trinkets from my childhood--when my niece and nephew came over Saturday night I gave them the two shoeboxes of stuff to sort through (keychains, stickers, etc.) and they went crazy with happiness. They were occupied, leaving my sister and I eating sushi peacefully, for over an hour.
One thing that did NOT go well this weekend was running. I blame myself.  I had soup and salad for dinner on Friday night, with my mom. I wasn't overly hungry and this dinner seemed fine. After all it had been hot all week, it had bothered me, and I was ok with a light meal.
Bad decision. I started my twelve k on Saturday morning after a healthy portion of Starbucks, and broke down about 3 k in. I mean, unable to go any further. But I did. I just walked it. And it was okay. I walked, I observed the sights, I listened to my ipod, and I didn't beat myself up. After all, as my friend L. and I were saying on the phone Friday night, our version of slacking is not even close to it. Just wayyy too hard on ourselves (hello, we're women...). So I let myself walk.
Then the haircut, then I bought wine, and enjoyed my Saturday.
Sunday after the brunch and the pedicure found me anxiety-riddled again (just after the dinner hour, what is it about that time of day for me?) and I admit, I took a nap to escape it. Just conked out on the couch for about a half-hour. And I'm not a napper. Weird.
It's almost tax time so I also spent a bit of time organizing it all for my parents and myself. I just addressed the envelope to send off to the accountant.

So Monday work-day is over, and my condo meeting looms. After that, some dinner, some downtime, then get up early and do it all over again.
Yes, my weekends are pretty standard most of the time, especially when Mike is home and I don't do get to do couple-dates with him and watch movies and just....stop.

That's all I can tell you, nothing exciting, nothing earth-shattering.  I'm nothing if not consistent.

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