Thursday, March 8, 2012

Journal 139 Breakthrough?

Ok documenting a productive (uber) day at work:
Tim's latte. Hmm. Did this have something to do with it?
Breakfast. I keep reading the importance of this. I know water and vitamins are not
breakfast. But I keep doing that. You know me. I HATE eating in the morning. But
a sandwich in the car during a 40-minute commute can be a wonderful thing...
Wrangled an appointment at my mom's bank for tonight to sew up all this pesky bank-stuff. (UGH).
I'm loving the rain today. My hair is up in a fun bun and I'm defying the gray weather with a positive attitude and the knowledge that Friday is peeking out from behind the clouds (along with a full moon but THAT'S another story and gives alot of insight into the general pace of work this week {I'm exhausted...} and the ire of my clients).
The moon has looked great every night this week driving home, shrouded by said clouds.
I wish I could snap a photo but I'm driving when I see it best, in the east sky, as I head south on the DVP towards home and Mike for only a few more days.
I hate hate hate coming home from work once he leaves. I guess that's why I end up running so much. One of the many reasons I came up with the idea to run after work at my office was to avoid
the traffic, for one, but also to delay getting home to my empty condo. Once I've run my requisite 4km I feel entitled to wine on the roof with a book, and I'm not as hungry for dinner (no one there to cook it with....mmm sad) and I just shorten my night, running, reading, writing, those things I keep doing.

Just a lovely link I came across after finding this photo:

Without knowing the background of the blog post this photo accompanies, I titled it "lonely runner" in my archives, then went on to the blog to check it out and saw the title of the post.
I have read so few of these type of stories, it helps to know there are others for whom running is a solitary art.  I don't even really run with Mike, we usually run separately all the time. For me alot of this has to do with my go-go-go city-gal mentality to life, like "NOW must do it NOW" and his Maine-trademark-laid-backness, ie, "where is my watch, my shirt, those pants, my running jacket" and meanwhile I'm going mad with impatience. I do occasionally run with my sister but even then I'm distracted, trying to keep pace, timing with her, and generally not in my own head. I'm a solitary non-talker by nature, so the running alone suits me well. Check out the blog of this dedicated long-distance runner, though. It's very poetic, to be frank, and I like the poems.
I also appreciate how hard it is to do the short runs (it really is, it's weird) once you get used to the long ones, and then make them longer and longer.

All right, went completely (no pun intended) off track there.

Good night...

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