Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yes, it's that thorny little Hallmark holiday.
I spent  many years in the service industry, serving couples on this fake-y romantic night, smiling a syrup-y, illegible smile, and spent any spare time I had through-out the evening (which was little as Valentines is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants.  Note that I never, and I mean NEVER go out for dinner on Valentines' night for this very reason) mocking most of my tables in the waiters' station with  my fellow servers.
I also spent years ignoring it, getting cards in the mail from my sister and my mom (I still have not bought anyone a card yet and the Day is Here see my to-do list from yesterday. I was home from work and already in the shower last night when I had that "god-dammit" moment) and sending them cards myself and then doing my best to ignore the rest of the holiday.

So it was a nice little pick-me-up when a dozen red roses arrived at my office this morning.
I know.
I'm sorry to talk about it.
But it was (and it's happened before, on other occasions) lovely.
It's not just because my coworkers see it (I don't care about that).
It's not just that he does this all by himself and surprises me without me knowing.

I think it's mostly because he backs this up.
Meaning, it's not some 'romantic gesture' (gag) that means absolutely nothing.
He puts in the time, does the real work, with me, alongside me.

Reminds me why I now leave all those thorny Valentines behind.

So I muse on love. And today, not just romantic love, which I am happy to have after
a long-ago heartbreak (healed) and following that a 'fake' relationship where I dated something that resembled a man (moved on) and grateful to have married the man I have. I marvel at it every day.
I also marvel, after reading my sister's latest (damn good) blog entry, how far I've come, how far she's come, into growing into the women we are. (see her blog here: http://lisaloveandlife.blogspot.com/).

Women who are focussed, driven, and my favourite: real.  Who aren't afraid to call people on their sh*t, who have friendships that mean something, not just superficial garbage-y ones.
We are women who, despite the twists and turns and the tough events and then the not-so-great things, and the losses and the messes, somehow remain so so lucky and true to ourselves.

So yes, it's a Hallmark holiday, but like all roadsigns in life, I stop, I read it, I take my meaning from it.
Love, love, and more love.
I'm blessed to have so much.

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