Monday, February 20, 2012

Running List as of today

For Heather:

1.  Mr. Wrong, by Mary J. Blige. Good to warm up to.
2. Take Care, Drake and Rihanna, as discussed.
3. Ain't Nobody, Mary J. again. If this song does not make you run forever, nothing will.
4. Ok,  now you are ready for Flo-Rida. Sometimes I play this one twice.
5. Higher-Ludacris, the version with Kylie Minogue
6. Tonight I'm Loving you-Enrique. I know. I KNOW.
7. Just Can't Get Enough, Black Eyed Peas
8. Sweet Dreams, Beyonce
9. Rolling in the Deep, Adele
10.  Morning After Dark, Timbaland, with Nelly Furtado
11. Take you on a Cruise--Interpol
12. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place, Rihanna agian.
13. OMG, Usher feat. Will I am
14. Touch me in the morning-Cassandra Fox, you will love this one (it's a 7 min remix that I have).
15. DJ Got Us Falling in love again, Usher, with Pitbull
16. Self Control by Laura Branigan. Cool down.



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