Monday, February 20, 2012

Smooth Sailing

It's Family Day here in Canada, Presidents' Day in the U.S.

I've had a really nice, relaxing weekend thus far.

Mike and I stayed at my Mom's in the 'Jax on Saturday night, then on Sunday did the very coupl-y thing of shopping together (we bought a stock pot at the Bay with gift cards from my shower. Mike was very happy. I was happy too, two words: Clinique Bonus. To my friend T: I got the 'nudes' package and the uplighting illuminator; to my friend A: go, immediately my friend. :))
Then we came home, unpacked the car (it was like we'd been away for a week), and put everything away (we bought groceries, went to the Chinese market for seafood).  Did laundry, made dinner plans, and then drove down to Kew Beach/Ashbridges to go for a late-day 5k run.
We were treated to one of the most beautiful Toronto sunsets I've ever seen; a cold, crisp day, and the sky was all pink, red, and streaks of pale pale yellow.  I forgot about the chill in the air, how much of a struggle the run itself was, and focussed on the outline of the CN tower and the buildings in the Toronto skyline, silouhetted with the backdrop of the sky.

Came back, checked my mail, and my dear friend L. had sent me a wedding card (her cards are perfection, by the way), along with an Essie nail polish called "Smooth Sailing" (for my birthday she sent "Hard to Get").

What can I say, I love it all.

Mike and I made a late dinner, lobster saffron risotto, listened to music (Ours, Terry Edwards, Astrid Gilberto) and had champagne.

So.....where was I?

Well, it's Family Day, the sun is shining, I'm gearing up to run (first, must have coffee) and as my dear friend L. said in 'Just Saying' a couple of weeks back, here,
friends are family too, sometimes.

Happy Family Day, however you spend it!

ps. my sister is a writer too:

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