Monday, February 6, 2012

Journal 118 Thoughts on a Monday

1. It sucks when your team loses, when your husband sees his team lose.
2. I wish I were like a cat who couldn't throw up. Ugh. My throat is RAW.
3. My effort to get to work today was nothing short of heroic. I mean it, I am BURIED with work.
And I had an important meeting.
Done, and done, check that off my list.
4. I did my nails on the weekend. No more French Shellaq (for now). Toes are sporting a do-it-yourself "You Don't Know Jacques" (an OPI favourite of mine, along with its close cousin from Essie "Merino Cool"). Fingers are "Blushing Bride". Oh yes I did.
5. I have a really early day tomorrow, so I'm doing my hair now, while watching a very engrossing horror movie with Mike called "The Caller". We bought 4 half-price-previously-viewed horror movies at Rogers on the weekend to add to Mike's collection. The lead character basically lives in her pajamas, which I completely identify with. However she's barefoot at home all the time, something that I can't bear when I'm home.
6. Monday is just about over. Insert my whooping yell here.
7. I can't even get to a 'top ten'. I'm too tired.
8. New favourite blog, juliaipsa, who writes about things from the perspective of a 30-something in a city, who, like me, is a homebody with less-than-perfect-parents. I haven't liked a blog like this in a long time. The last few new blogs I've come across have been by people who seem to be perfect, who take perfect photos, have perfect families, and have perfect weekends, clothes, and jobs. BLEH.
9. Good night.

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