Saturday, February 25, 2012

Journal 129 On a Saturday Afternoon

The to-do list just ain't getting done today people.
This is what a late night does to me...
So far, I've managed leftover Chinese food, some itune-down-loading (genius has directed me to Mike's music, some classic 70s rock I have to say, I'm loving it. Only thing better than hearing a new song you love is re-discovering one you once loved and haven't heard in a while. And then, you're able to find it {hopefully} on itunes and there you go..).
I'm still in my robe, in case anyone is asking. And this run has to happen soon-ish.
Oh the time suckage of a computer, a blog, some youtube videos of old songs and movie clips and the lure of laundry-folding.
For now, here's a snippet of some of the tunes being listened to this aft...

and Mike's running playlist, radically different from mine.  It's called "Run Like Hell" (after the Pink Floyd song. Mine's called "Run for It". Whatever you call it....just run).

Run Like Hell
Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton
Blackbird, The Beatles
The Weight, The Band
Lay Down Sally, Eric again
Sea of Love, Honeymoors
Runnin' Blue, The Doors
Peace Frog, The Doors
I Walk the Line, Johnny Cash
Suicide Blonde, INXS
Dreams, Fleetwood Mac
The Chain, FM again
You Make Loving Fun, FM
The Way, Fastball
Nikita, Elton John
Don't Go Breaking my Heart, EJ and Kiki Dee
Mama Can't buy you Love, EJ
Dream On, Aerosmith
The Break-up Song, Greg Kihn

There you have it. Songs have such associative power (for me, almost more than anything).

Happy, happy Saturday.

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