Monday, February 13, 2012

Journal 122 To Do List (and some that are Done)

1. The apartment, yes, my mom got the apartment, praise Jesus.
2. A Valentine card for Mike. And one for my Mom. And for my sister and the kids.
3. More work than I can shake a stick at.
4. Look up what it means when you're on a plane in your dream and it crashes. Into water.
5. Look up what it means when you see an owl, yes, an OWL on your drive into work, sitting,
staring intently (at what? shiver).
6. Remember where I was 8 months ago, on a Monday just like this one. Except 8 months ago was June, 8 months ago was just-about summer, and today, 8 months later, we are basking in February sunshine, my sister and I are doing what we're supposed to "gently guiding" my mother through to her new home, her new life.
7. Put my raggedy hair up. Ah. Better.
8. Ponder as to how a man who beats women can win a Grammy. It really bothers me. It really bothered Mike last night, too, while we watched the entire Grammys because I made him.
Know this: I am not one to watch award shows. I don't watch many movies, and limit my TV choices so watching shows doesn't make any sense, but I'll admit, I wanted to see Adele sing. And I love hip-hop and r'n'b performances, and music stars are, let's face it, alot edgier than actors. And some of them actually eat!
Mike and I came to a consensus that you do reach a certain age (natch, we're there) when you cling to the music of your past. Oh yes, you do let some new ones in (Adele being a good example for me, along with Amy Winehouse, Rhianna, and all the Usher/Flo-rida/Kanye and artists of that genre). But you identify more emotionally with the music of your past because of all the emotion you associated with it. Like, I just cannot understand Mumford and Sons. I hate their songs. And those Power to the People, whatever they're called. Those who know me turn that Pumped up Kicks song off when I'm around, I HATE whistling. I enjoyed the Foo Fighters performance and speech about where music comes from (not a computer) and how they cut him off before he started to make sense to the 'kids'. Ha ha...
Anyway. This award really bugged me. It's still bugging me, truth be told. What do I do now? Who do I take this too?
9. Call and book movers for my mom's moving day. Yes, she only has to move once, thank you thank you thank you....(if we hadn't found an apartment for her, we would have had to move everything to storage, then move her again. No. Noooo).
10. That's it for a Monday. The other people I need to contact are the ones in charge of the road crew (yes, we are into YEAR TWO of the construction on the road off the off ramp of the exit of the highway that my office is on. There is no way around it. My office is surrounded by a moat of construction. It's like battling alligators to get to work. I have yet to find a zen way of dealing with this.
Mostly I just silently fume, pluck out playlists on my ipod of slightly more 'energetic' music, and dream of the finished construction..
11. Nope, that's not it. Read this link. Read it now. Thank me later.

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