Sunday, February 12, 2012

Journal 121 Another Sunday

"Every day, is Saturday night, but I can't wait, for Sunday morning...." --K-os

And I really can't. Yes, I love weekends, the way every Monday-to-Friday, nine-to-fiver does, and yes, Saturday is my ultimate favourite, but there really is something special about Sunday too, and Sunday morning.
It's cold out, there's a dusting of snow, I'm in my robe, the heat is blasting, Mike's still asleep, in the next room, not 1100 kms away, and coffee is being brewed.
I'm going to be running later this morning, but right now it's just me, the computer, a lot of Whitney Houston songs (dear God I'd forgotten how many hits she had. The number of songs in my head right now seems endless) and some blogging.
I've gotten a lot better at controlling my Monday jitters that I get on Sundays, which, if I let them take over, will ruin the entire day. Instead I focus on all the 'free' time, run errands, plan meals, do "Carolyn" things, and just 'be'. And 'be'ing for me, sometimes involves list-making...I know, I know, HUGE surprise.
Gratitude list for a random Sunday:
1. Mike, as I mentioned, here, not 1100 kms away.
2. Saturday night impromptu dinner with my sister.
3. Leftover Chinese food in the fridge.
4. Sunlight, the special pale-winter kind, after snow has fallen.
5. Coffee, brewed strong in the French press, with Baileys (oh yes, I did).
6. The upcoming birthdays of my sister and one of my dearest friends, who is like a sister (both Pisces).
7. Reading snippets of a well-thumbed book on writing memoir, just opening to a page and going with it
8. Looking at new photos from my wedding.
9. Songs in my head ('didn't we almost have it all..' wow. When I think about the sad sampling of 'artists' that todays' youth have to grow up listening to I feel extra lucky to have grown up in the 80s. I mean Nicky Menaj? Embarassing. As my friend L. and I said, we had Madonna, and Whitney, and all these amazing, creative, talented singers who weren't manufactured by American Idol).
10. Blogging about nothing.
11. The pre-run time.
12. Thinking about my first Valentine's Day as a married person. Will it feel different?
13. Prayer.
14. The flowers Mike bought me last week--cream-coloured and still glorious.
15. Emailing friends.
16. No work today.
17. Pajamas.
18. List-making.
20. Starting the day at 11am.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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