Thursday, February 16, 2012

Journal 123 Awake Part II

I slept through the night last night. Thank you, to a large cup of Dreamland tea laced with Grand Marnier, a light dinner, a visit with my sister and the kids, Mike cooking dinner, and then going to
bed early.
I did not see any hour after 11:30pm except for the one my alarm woke me at, 6:30am.
I got up, did not get out of my apartment any earlier (how does this happen?) and was in the car, coffee in hand (in cup holder) by 8 am, the exact time everyone else in Toronto decides to get in their car and drive to work or where ever it is they're going, too.
I ate a sandwich in traffic, downed an ativan, and here I am.
Awake, but muddled.
February: please end soon and take your dark grey days with you, and that misty, annoying rain, and please give me some March, and sunshine, and time change, and new running routes.

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