Thursday, April 19, 2012


I know my blog is boring as hell lately.
Work is on my mind way too much.
It's sad, I know.
I miss Mike alot too.
When he's not here I have unlimited time to obsess about work, in a not-good way.
I'm going to stop. I'm really trying.
In other news I'm running 4 x a week and eating salad every day. But I'm not going to bore
the living daylights out of everyone by ruminating on and on about my exercise and eating habits.
Summer approacheth.
As my sister reminded me today we have rooftop drinks and tanning to look forward to shortly.
We've both been leaning on each other pretty heavily lately. Between caring for my mom, and all that entails, to my sister's recent dating changes, to my married-but-alone status (groan), we see each other at least a couple of times a week. With the kids, for dinners on the weekends. Without them going running on Sundays. Emailing. Talking. Trying to solve each other's problems.

What else can I tell you?
I'm still sick. I'd like to be better by next week because I'm flying to Boston next Friday for the weekend.  I'm worried that Mike's family will see me as someone perpetually ill (when I was there over New Years' 2010/2011 I had the worst flu of my life).
I want to be healthy and enjoy my short visit. (on an aside note I think it's my body rebelling from all the healthy spring-ness I'm forcing on it. I'm serious).
As it stands right now, I won't see him again until August, when Lisa and I and the kids go out there for vacation. It's a long stretch to go.

I went to the library tonight. I needed some new books to read, and oddly, (I read a tonne of memoirs) I wanted fiction. I found the new Alexander McCall Smith (go here if you want to know more about him, I collect his No. 1 Ladies' Detective Series {set in Botswana} and have written about it before, and I love the Isabel Dalhousie series {I visited actual places mentioned in the books when I visited Edinbugh four years ago} check out this website for more accolades than I can give here:

The "new" book is one from the Isabel Dalhousie series, and it's new to me. It was while reading through it last night (and checking the website, then comparing my bookshelf) that I realized that in the flurry that was 2011, I had missed the book before (I normally stalk Amazon and have a kind of ESP for when a new book comes out--and I pre-order them).
I missed "The Charming Quirks of Others" which I will hunt down and read, and I am now reading "The Forgotten Affairs of Youth".  And yes, all his books are this charmingly-titled.

In the first paragraph, (I'll just relate this quickly, paraphrasing because I love the sentence so much, then I really must go to sleep), McCall Smith describes the planet as "uneasy". 
I just loved that. As you know, I always describe our chaotic planet as "revolving door", and I've heard our planet described in many different ways over many different mediums (vast, expansive, etc.) but uneasy is a new one.
And it is, isn't it? All of us, warily making our way, watching out for the pitfalls, the guides, the signposts.

Nothing too deep, but that struck me.
Good night...

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