Sunday, April 29, 2012

Everything's Better

Because I'm in Maine, if only for a short time, with Mike.
Because we can eat oysters at 2am while cleaning the kitchen and I can dollop habanero tabasco (wayyy hotter than normal tabasco) on them before sliding them down.
Because running on the beach is alot more fun than running on city streets.
Because I found and drove to Target, Starbucks, and a great used book store, by myself yesterday, without needing to ask for directions.
Because after landing at Logan airport, I figured out how to take the bus here. I ended up in Portland, but Mike came to get me from there.
Because I can read the whole New Yorker from cover to cover, ipod on 'random', on the bus, and it's like eating sugar. Delectable, rewarding, a secret treat.
Because I can listen to Astrud Gilberto, Terry Edwards, Ours, Bob Marley, and just "be".
Because I get to meet more of Mike's family and fall in love with them too.
Because people are friendly and kind in Maine. A stark contrast to ice-cold Toronto.
Because I'm away from work (a reminder in here: work=not good.)
Because I can be who I am without worrying about how I'm perceived.
Because I'm with Mike.

And that makes everything better.

(I always thought the line was: "my fear, my only guarantee, so I've got to push on through...." and I would think...yes. It is.  " In this great future, you can't forget your dry your tears I say...")

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