Sunday, April 1, 2012

Elise and Auntie

i took pictures of:
the diner where
we had breakfast

we went to bed late, but still got up early.  bought myself an hour of lying on the couch while elise had a bath with the multitude of bath toys i seem to have collected over the years.
wine with my sister last night, dinner with my mom, sister, her sister, our cousin, her daughter, and river at the keg. lots of laughs and happy children.
elise stayed over, we had popcorn way past her bedtime, then the early morning.
arriving at the george st. diner before it even opened, the streets deserted (eight-fifteen on sunday morning in the city, and a rainy morning at that...) we took out the camera and elise took these pictures while we waited for the diner to open.
coffee helped, as did gingerale and the remnants of elise's chocolate milkshake. not a breakfast eater (or a morning eater) by nature, I managed a club sandwich and some hashbrowns, and my coffee cup was never empty.

now we're blogging, tidying, we did homework, and hair has been braided.

happy (early!) sunday...


  1. Perfection. Sunday Girls at it's best -xo-

  2. definitely sar...a new generation of sunday girls (awww..) ;)