Sunday, April 15, 2012

Journal 156 Promises....

I swear I am working on two long blog posts, the blue earring one and the five-years-in-my-condo one, but it's been a busy week and weekend, work has been punishing, my work-out schedule has also been punishing (I'm back "into" running. and I mean INTO. No joke, after this week, and today's full throttle run-in-the-rain, soaked-to-the-bone punishment, I can barely stand upright. I'm warming up the heating pad right now).
Work has also left me mind-blown, as usual, when the pace goes into break-neck as it has the last few weeks. And I'm wayy overdoing it.
So tonight I sit, pj's already on, tea brewing, and a trip to Maine looming.
Something else is looming too, storm clouds (I love love love being home during thunderstorms, watching rain pelt while I stay dry and safe in my apartment, feeling the ultimate gratitude for shelter during inclement weather).

But I also think I'm coming down with a cold (April and November are my magic-sick months).
Just let it be gone by my trip. Right now my sore throat, aching body, and general 'out of it' feeling does not bode well.

I promise though--great blog entries coming up.

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