Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love on a Tuesday

This is a series in my quest to be more positive (stop laughing).

What I love lately;

Waking from a dream that stays with you all day long.

Glimpses of spirit: example--the spirited butterfly on the Bloor Viaduct bridge, my Sunday run, 11 am.
Fluttering just ahead of me, blown but not beaten by the wind. Black with red and white on her wings.

Being incredibly tired but not wanting to go to sleep because the book I'm reading is too good, too plot-driven, and I must ...finish...this....sentence........before I drift off.

Not holding grudges.

When Mike calls and even though we only have five seconds to talk, I savour our exchange all day.

When someone tells me they envy me for running outside in any weather.

Running outside in any weather. And it was Summer, 2010, when I first started loving running in the rain. It's incomparable.

When I use the thesaurus Mike got me last Christmas at my desk in my loft. I feel so..old-fashioned, but in a good way.

Memories of people I love who are gone (too soon) and how they are triggered--a food (in this case, shrimp cocktail. My dad loved shrimp cocktail). Books. The classics. Funny movies. My friend
G_____ and his love of  Vampire Kiss with Nicholas Cage. How he had a VHS copy back in the day and trooped over one night for a showing of it. How he loved imitating scenes from that movie--it never got old. Just thinking about it makes me laugh to myself.

Emails from people who've known you the longest, ones who can cut through what you're saying and more importantly, what you're not saying.

Not having to explain myself.

Rain at night.

Rain at dusk, making the day darker and shorter than it should be in the spring time. Pretending it's November and then reminding myself that the days are only going to lengthen from now on.

Leaving work and driving home after my 4km run.

When I'm running, reading, writing, looking up from outside my own life for a minute and I suddenly solve a problem that I thought had no solution. There are very few feelings that are better than that.

Knowing I'm going to be on a plane to Boston in less than three days, on my way to see Mike.
Another great feeling: anticipation....love it.

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