Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't Forget Me II

The first part of this post is not something I really intended to write (a commonality in blog entries lately. I sit down to write a clearly thought out missive, with plot, sub-text, and imagery, and a clunky first draft is all I get. I'm sorry). Plot. It's what drives me through a read, and it's what drives me back to blogs I like, again and again. I feel it lacking here lately. Boredom seems to permeate, and as my inner life moves to the forefront of my days, it does so with its calm intention, it's boredom. My inner life, I would think, is boring to read about.

Don't forget me. It's a line in many a song (the Chili Peppers for example:
Don't forget me I can't hide it...come again get me excited..."  Same album as "By the Way". I love than album..).
 It can be a cry for help, in some ways, a cry of longing, a reminder, a talis-phrase.
For this post it's a reminder to me.
Don't forget yourself, in all the myriads of self-doubt that is making you question everything lately. (I keep reverting to third person. I wonder what that means psychologically?)

Don't forget:
you love to run, even though it's been more challenging this year than the previous two;
you love to read and it feeds your writing
you will get better at everything you practice at
you are lucky enough to have people who love you. It seems unimaginable but there are people on this planet living out their lives without that.
you always have an out, there is always a plan B
you are free--to think, to write, to dream, to plan
you have a future and it involves choices
you will drink great coffee today, you will talk to people you love, you are blessed.
you have a sense of right and wrong.
you have smarts.
you have Mike.

You have it all.

"and all will be reveled my friend....."

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