Sunday, October 23, 2011

Journal 78 No Day

It's Sunday but it hasn't felt like much of a day. I missed most of it.

Had a great, relaxing Saturday, great run, Starbucks, hung out with my sister and the kids, and then went to bed early.
Contrast with today--food poisoning or flu, not sure as to what I've picked up. Or is my body just telling me to slow things down and stop the breakneck pace that feels like it has gone on all year.

I've spent most of today in bed. Curing myself has involved sleeping, eating saltines, drinking water and gingerale.

I've finally ventured out of bed (have not left the house) and I'm still in pajamas. I've also managed to read a stack of Hello's courtesy of my friend T.
No deep thoughts to report, no book-reading, just a junked kind of day, one that I do not normally 'indulge' in. I pride myself on being sick very little, and a regimen of set routine, exercise, vitamins, and good eating and sleeping habits ensure I am usually ill only once a year. However, when I do get sick, like when it happened in Maine last Christmas, I can be down for the count. I hope that this is a 24-hour type of thing, and that I don't beat myself up for not bill-paying, grocery-shopping, doing more cleaning, missing lunch with my Mom and sister. They understood, though, and I was grateful for that. I feel stretched thin lately, and my posts, to me, show this--the tough, stressful weeks, the feeling of no control over my job when things are this busy, and the need to take stock of life, and try to find the joy. Lately I've been really negligent in doing that.

There are things to look forward to, though, and I know this. My friend A. will be here this weekend, there is the Chagall exhibit, a dinner out, and then a baptism for my friend T.'s little son. It's going to be a busy week, but there is joy in these events too.

I hope the sun continues to shine, as the grey days of this week have added to my low mood and desire to sleep as much as possible.

So, that's it.
Sunday=No day this week.

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