Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Journal 72 Favourites part two

Today was a long long long day at work. Awake just after 5am, at my desk just after 8am, my major meeting cancelling FIVE MINUTES before arrival: Yes. I was Not Happy.
Because I was all geared up, dressed up, and set up. Then I had to come out of it, settle into my office, and do three major things involving numbers and not alot of design all by the 'end of the day'.

On the plus side it was grey all day, the full moon's energy was everywhere, and Wednesday, the most wicked (and by wicked I do NOT mean fun) day of the week is over. The shot above is out my condo window, where the city is currently getting doused with rain. It's been raining, hard, since about 6pm. I love the sound of it, hitting the flat old roof of my condo (I'm on the top floor, the roof deck is on the neighbouring building--nothing separating me from the lovely rain noises. So that made up for alot of the day's troubles).

Reading; see below, my dining room 'library'. The portrait beside my book shelf is of my Dad when he was 21. Smoking a cigarette, I know (that goes under "not favourite"). I remember him telling me not to smoke (I don't). I also remember him telling me the artist who painted this, in BC where he was at the time, was very challenged by the fact my Dad wore a checkered shirt. The artist was his friend, trying his hand at painting. When I was young, growing up in our townhouse, this painting hung in our downstairs rec room near the piano. I loved looking at the patterned shirt (was it foreshadowing of my future ID career that I loved looking at all types of patterns? and all types of buildings?)

Another shot out of the window of my condo. Normally, even from my lowly third floor vantage point ( I live in the converted offices of an old optical company), I can see the CN Tower, and the Spire, a building I designed alot of kitchens for in 2006/2007. But not tonight. Tonight it's all fog, dense, but lit up by the intensity of the full moon, and the high-voltage lights in the back parking lot.
I love looking out the window on clear nights, clear days, cloudy ones too. When the moon is in the western night sky I can often get a stellar view.

Alright. Today tired me out. Tomorrow, after having a serious talk with myself, I really hope to start what I hope will be MANY enjoyable weekday mornings out running BEFORE work.
Ambitious, I know. But one must have goals.
For Favourites, Part three, I will explore favourite holidays (St. Maarten); favourite wines ( Cali chards, preferably US purchased, on sale, at a wonderful place called a wine outlet in NH), and maybe explore some more bookish tendencies.
I'm still on a reading tear, and the Julia Cameron memoir has been fodder for many a creative idea.
I also do want to continue with Secret Diary part two. Lots of sequels lately.
Other favourites off the top of my head;
my new multivitamin (i feel...different. stronger. sharper. weird!)
other books by julia cameron (she is my new louise hay. i still love louise though)
the great tarot reading i had friday night
wearing my new pewter ballet flats to work and having an alternative to heels in today's weather
that my foot is tentatively feeling better after much icing the last 2 days
that mike's head is feeling better (that tops the list, really, but i don't like to drag him into the blog too much :)
the continuing free preview of the horror cable channel DUSK until October 31st. I still can't believe I braved Candyman alone. Did you know that Philip Glass did the music for the movie? And it was directed by someone named Bernard Rose, whom I have never heard of. However, he put in some amazing shots of the Chicago skyline, ariel views of the highways, an old to watch now that I've been to Chicago (once. not that I could pick anything out on a map).... a fun tv channel to watch, when BBC Canada is not showing too much.


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