Friday, October 14, 2011

Journal 74 Workweek

Millennium Tower Loft-Hall modern hall

Trying to revive my 'love' of ID by browsing cool kitchen pictures on

The figures on this see-through wall unit (there has to be a better term to describe these type of 'room dividers' which I am currently in love with) remind me of large chess pieces, even though I know they are not.

In addition to doing a million kitchens I'm also working on wall units, which is a secret love of mine. I have 2 in my own loft, both Ikea, mirror images of each other, one white (see my dining room in the last post) and one espresso. No. Not everything has to match.

I am truly so tired I'm not sure which way is up.
Good workweek in the sense that MUCH was accomplished, but in my away-from-work world my sleep was all over (a couple of early meetings made it necessary to set my alarm for before 6 and get up by 6, one of the hardest things for me to do. It's so so dark in the mornings at this time of year.)
Lots accomplished though, for a four-day workweek. I have to admit I'm having trouble envisioning that I am going out tonight, as it's raining, the cloud ceiling is low, my hair is reacting and I am bone-tired, I really am.
The full moon made things interesting all around, with lots of moods everywhere, but I have new library books so I tuned the city out in the evenings, listened to the rain, and read my way through the evenings.
Mike is on the mend and I'm so glad about that too.

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