Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Journal 68 Irritated

I know. A pretty familiar state for me, sometimes. I have worked, life-long, to control my irritation at pretty much the whole human race sometimes.

I'm not that 'cheerful' type, and I detest people who are constantly smiling, especially when I'm in a bad mood and I secretly think, "what the f(ck is SO uplifting?' but I digress.
It's Monday, so I already have an axe to grind (I couldn't resist putting that in there) and my voice, to me, has been faint lately, so I'm reverting to my beloved list format.
Things that are irritating me today: (in no particular order, context, or importance. I'll asterix the ones that are REALLY bothering me though).

1. It's been loud in the office lately. Loud enough that I've been tempted to wear my ipod. But I can't do that, it would set a bad example. So I close my door over, breathe deeply and give myself a Louise Hay "you can do it" pep talk. *

2. The weather. Grey. Blah. Bleck. Not warm. Not cool. Like the spring, in reverse. Low cloud ceiling, reminding me of Scotland (shiver).

3. A cell phone in the office that has a 'shimmering' note to the 'you have a message' ping, that goes off EVERY day around 5pm, indicating that someone is halfway out the door. Whatever. *

4. Feeling bad for my sister and a few rounds of bad luck she's endured lately. She doesn't have it easy. She is raising two little ones on her own after a hard divorce, and really going through alot with grief over my dad's death. So, when a guy blows her off or is insensitive, or when a friend doesn't cherish her by giving her some face time, it really really irritates me. It's always that way with siblings I think. ***

5. Traffic. The mini van who completely made me lose my cool this morning. When you are the lead car at an advanced green at a HUGE intersection, do not sit there when the arrow comes on. I will honk at you, politely, to let you know that you need to go. Do not take this an as invitation to become as passive-aggressive as possible and drive under the speed limit, with exaggerated care, for the next 5 kms. I will get, for lack of a better word, extremely p*ssed off. **

Part two

6. It's now Tuesday. Tuesday at 530 am. And I'm awake, and I have been since 4-something am. I don't know the exact time since I keep my clock radio set 30 to 40 minutes ahead to 'fool' myself. I'm drinking coffee out of a glass cup because coffee tastes better out of glass. And also, because, like it or not (not), I'm now up for the day.

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