Sunday, October 16, 2011

Journal 75 Vanilla

Nothing new to report just a nice 'downtime' Saturday night, Vanilla Sky was on DUSK and I didn't understand it anymore than I did when I first saw it.
My mom and I made a risotto and then spent the evening flipping through decorating magazines, myself with a glass of wine in hand, curled up on the couch, listening to the wind literally howl outside the front door.

It rained almost all day, but I managed 10 km, dropped my car off for its service, went and had Starbucks (where I found a matching Toronto cup to the New York one Mike had gotten me last year) and then got a nice strong dose of vitamin D after my strong dose of coffee. I found 2 cute dresses at Old Navy (managed to keep it together in a line-up full of people and their whining kids) and all that time the rain continued to fall.

After dinner and decor browsing and Vanilla Sky watching, I went to bed, with my book (see side bar, it started off very slowly then last night started to get really good) and was asleep by 10:30pm, where I remained, uninterrupted (a serious feat for me lately) for nine hours.
As I was falling asleep I had a million blog posts ideas.
Vapour. That's the only clue I have as to where they go after I fall asleep. I didn't have my fawn-lark notebook with me (it's at home in my loft, I'm at my mom's) so that is a good lesson of why I need to bring it with me places. To capture these fleeting thoughts).
Nothing earth-shattering though. Just observations about the book I'm reading, about plot, about free-form writing, about Sundays that bother the writer (other people have this syndrome too?) and just writing about writing.

Ok. Off to grocery shop. Am going to run later today. I'm here at my mom's all day partially to run all my errands here, but also to avoid the snarls of the downtown road closures for the Marathon today. And that occupation of St. James park, which, I am sorry to report, is minutes from my condo. I support peaceful demonstration and every facet of democracy. But I remember the chaos of last years' G20 and suffice to say: I don't love the fact that there are some rag-tag 'protesters' most from other parts of Ontario and Canada (where they won't have to clean up the mess they make here in Toronto) occupying a park and denying access to anyone else who lives and pays taxes in the area. Sorry. It's my opinion.

More later.

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