Thursday, October 6, 2011

Journal 69 The Little Things

More gratitude. Since I've been ESPECIALLY annoyed with life/people/everything this week.
List format. No order.
5. My 'new' hair colour, Ebony Brown. Yes, I do it at home. Yes, it's from a box. No, I don't think it damages my hair. No, I don't care that everybody knows it. I have (had) dark brown hair. It is now, at the roots: colourless (that's the term they taught me at Aveda).
But sorry Aveda. It takes too long to get it done at your training school. I start to squirm and lose it as the music plays too loud, my magazine runs out, and the lighting turns me 100.
4. The sunshine this week. Yes, I know I like the overcast days too, but the sun has been nice.
3. Eating chicken every night this week, in various formats. A challenge to myself. Lots of fun.
One night I curried it, ate it in naan wraps with my sister; last night, rosemary, wild mushrooms, tomato, and chicken broth over penne; night before, roasted, with cream sauce, mushrooms again, leftover linguine. So much for not eating pasta. (I had a green vegetable every time, I will say that in my defence).
2. Voting. I know. Seems like a drag--get home from work, walk to polling station, get in line, deal with person with ruler to find your name, fill in ballot, wait in line to hand it in.
But. There are so many countries on our planet where this is not even ON the menu. And for some of them, if it is, it's rigged, you risk your life to go, and heaven forbid they let WOMEN do it.
1. Long weekend ahead. Thanksgiving. All about food. All about family. It's our first family Thanksgiving without my Dad, but I know we will all have fun memories around the table when we take turns saying grace, and letting the kids say it. Also, we'll be all together, the five of us, and some people won't get that for their holiday.
I'm thankful.

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