Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Running Log

In an attempt to meet my running goals, I've started a 30-day running log with distances
and times.
Running goal for this 30-day log is minimum 80 kms, and since I start and end my running weeks on weekends, it looks like this so far:

Date: Saturday April 30th
Distance run: 10 kms
Time: did not time
Weather: Sunny, dry, 13 degrees.

Date: Sunday May 1st
Distance run: 10 kms
Time: 51.73 minutes
Weather: Overcast, dry, 10 degrees
Total for weekend: 20 kms

Secondary goal of this 30 day log is to increase my distance runs to 15 km rather than 10 km. I reached the 10 km goal last July 1st, which is ten months ago today, and over the next few weeks is to do 11 kms, 12 kms, 13 kms, 14 kms, until reaching the 15 km mark, with a new route, and keeping at that distance for my long runs.
Update on the foot: Still sore-ish, but not enough for me to stop and walk; very good weekend in terms of no pausing to walk, and no cheating my staying still at stoplights.

Date: Monday May 2nd
Distance run: 4 kms appx
Time: 23.00 minutes
Weather: Sunny, dry, 13 degrees

Date: Thursday May 5th
Distance run: 5 kms appx
Time: 30ish minutes
Weather: Sunny, dry, 16 degrees...spring

Date: Saturday May 7th
Distance run: 10 kms appx
Time: did not time
Weather: Sunny, dry, 14 degrees

Date: Tuesday May 10th
Distance run: 4 kms
Weather: Overcast, dry, 15 degrees

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