Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Journal 15 Better Day

Today's a better day.

I don't know exactly why, maybe because I got some of my stress out on the phone last
night with M., through crying and frustrat-ing and letting my heart beat fast.

But I slept through the night somehow after a soppy, sentimental good-bye on the phone to him, and I woke up, and when my eyes opened I somehow did not feel the weight of yesterday.

I made coffee with my new french press (it makes STRONG coffee, but I love it), I wore a summer skirt that was a wardrobe staple of mine last summer (re use...re cycle...my mantras...)put on sandals and a cardigan, and shivered in the 12 degree weather that was the walk to my car this morning, but I felt...better.

Stronger, gut-sier, more optimistic, and I let my thoughts wander back to how I can make myself feel more balanced, with the right amount of downtime, and by letting the feelings just sit with me.

Not running away from them or pouting about them or battling them.

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