Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Journal 11 Joy less

I think I've lost my sense of humour.

Somewhere between reaming out my parents' eye doctor (via faxed letter) and dealing with the car company (who shall remain nameless but let me just say this; the letter T and a BIG recall) I have fully surrended the fact that things are not that funny right now.
Driving to work this morning and running into some construction, a worker was carrying a big sheet of plywood, and all you could see was the piece of wood, with the legs, moving. Normally that would be funny to me.

Not today. Not after my sister tried to return my parents' car to said car company, as this would be a big help to me; oh no. She can't. Because I am the g*ddamn POA. So I HAVE TO DO IT.

Let me just say this; that car can sit in their driveway for however long it has to.

So then I'm at work. I'm in a meeting. When I get out of the meeting, there is a message on my cell phone from car company. Guess who is NOT getting a call back from me today (ever)?

See what I mean about the sense of humour?

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