Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Journal 94 Random Wednesday Musings

Random musings on a Wednesday.
Worked a twelve-hour day yesterday.
Am exhausted today (where, exactly, did I leave/lose ALL my energy?)
Saw a lone crow soaring over the highway as I drove in today.
Made an illegal left turn when I exited to save time. I felt bad. But the's making me do crazy things.
Read a blog entry today by someone about their lost parent and the approaching Christmas season and I cried.

I ate dinner last night at 1030 pm. While watching the Real Housewives of NYC.
The shame. The shame.

Thought about Mike going home and was sad.

It's stopped snowing, but it's iron-gray outside.

photo credit: John Taylor (this reminds me of Maine....the pier, the ferris wheel. It's somewhere in the UK though. Brighton?)

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