Saturday, December 3, 2011

Journal 95 Running Playlist Re-tooled

I re-tooled my running playlist this week, adding some new itunes, and switching around some other ones.
I do this every few weeks so I don't memorize it and tailor my run too much to the next song that is coming up.
Since my foot has healed, I've had three amazing runs in the last week (the latest being 10 km this morning, in a skirt, despite the slight chill of December--the weather has still been fall-ish and unbelievable).

Here are the first few songs:
Rolling in the Deep--Adele
Rhythm Divine--Enrique (do not judge me, this is a GREAT running song)
I Wanna Go--Britney (again. No judgment)
Higher--Taio Cruz & Kylie Minogue mix (this is the fourth song for a strategic reason)
Stereo Hearts--Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine (I was doubtful of this when I added it on Thursday but it proved itself today)
Tonight (I'm Loving You)--Enrique again. Sorry.
Animal--Neon Trees. Great running song with a good backbeat.
We Found Love--Rhianna ft. Calvin Harris. (no explanation needed, I know).
Papa was a Rolling Stone--George Michael. This was another random, odd choice, but it really works.
More--Usher-RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix
What You See--Madonna
Touch me in the Morning--Cassandra Fox-Mike Kogli remix
Take you on a Cruise--Interpol

That batch takes me to the end of my 10 km.

Even though I wore my lulu lemon skirt and it wasn't that cold, I did leave my gloves on my whole run, and I normally take them off.

A great run.

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