Monday, November 21, 2011

Journal 91 Me in a Nutshell

It's list time again.
1. I'm so busy at work I am not sure how I am going to fit wedding planning/dress shopping/all of it, into the next month-ish. When people ask me when/where/what I'm doing ie, wedding, life plan, all that stuff, my new answer is: "I don't know". Ask me again in a few weeks. The answer will be the same.
2. I need nine to ten hours of sleep per night right now. When I'm lying awake at 4am, I think about how much I look forward to going to bed.
For the love of....
3. How do people plan weddings? I know, I know. They live (already) in the same country. Their friends know each other. They can have one venue, day, location, and everyone can come. Right. Forgot about that.
4. My foot is still on the mend. It's been 3 weeks, 2 since I've run. I am the picture of misery at this.
5. I'm wearing an ipod at work now (all day). I'm in the middle of Cough-Fest 2011, day 20 that feels like day 80, and I just can't f*cking listen to it anymore.
6. I haven't been blogging. Because there is just sooo much stuff that is only "journal-worthy" lately. I know. I hate to deprive people. But it's top secret, important-life stuff.
7. I'm re-reading Year of Magical Thinking in sheer wonderment at how differently I'm looking at it this time.
8. I have a tonne of books that are 'on loan' out of my personal library. This was one of the swirl-thoughts I had last night while lying awake at 4am. Insane.
9. Is there such a thing as "death by paperwork?" because I might be in line for this.
10. I still hate November.

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