Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Journal 89 Coupla things

All day I thought today was Tuesday until my friend L. assured me it was, in fact, Wednesday.
A major kitchen install that was on the tightest timeline I've ever had to work under went in clean (a couple of issues, but nothing that couldn't be remedied). I still awoke at 4am yesterday thinking about it.
A coworker of mine has the nastiest, most annoying cough I have ever heard and combine listening to that with having PMS and you get the picture.
I had a flat tire this morning, that a kind neighbour pointed out to me, and I was able to bring it over to my mechanic, get it repaired, and still get to work on time (I had left early) with my car.
Talked to my mom and we both agree--nicest November weather in YEARS (ever?). November is usually my most hated month--Canadian winter looms, darkness descends. But this it.
Had dinner at my sister's last night with Mike and saw the kids. Jerk chicken--amazing. Then my sis's guy came over and he and Mike discovered a shared love (ok, obsession) about poker. My sister and I entertained ourselves, making up some-e-cards to summarize the situation.
I am still working crazy hours and have two new clients, and I don't know how this is possible, as my existing clients take up more than 100 percent of my time. But I still love a new client, a new kitchen, a new challenge.....
Mike is here, his mouth is feeling better (he can eat!) and we are having a great, selfish time. Selfish meaning I want him all to myself and when I'm at work, we talk on the phone a few times a day, and he goes to the St. Lawrence Market and finds all sorts of fun things for dinner.
Trying to plan to get to Niagara Falls next weekend as Mike has (gasp) never seen them from the Canadian side. We will ride on that huge ferris-wheel type-thing that I spotted last time I was there?
Design Blogs. My new addiction. Kitchens the likes of ones I have never seen. Purple cabinets. Gorgeous light fixtures.

Also--I'm noticing a resurgence of sixties and seventies furniture in the homes/apartments/designer abodes of my contemporaries, ie, those in my general age range. There are alot of great pieces from both decades--but to me, with the way homes and condos are being built with higher and higher ceilings, the scale is often a bit 'off'. I love some of the pieces, but others leave me cold. I'll find some pictures in terms of 'scale' and how it should work as a design principle.
My wedding shower is imminent. As is my wedding. I just have to plan it. Along with all the other fifty million things I have to do....

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