Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another list

Buzz Buzz Home asked about the top ten for a first I thought they might mean in terms of sale-ability and re-sale-ability, but they meant for yourself. You know about my love affair with lists. So here they are. No particular order.

10. easy to maintain window coverings--it's close-quarters living in this city!
9. bookshelves/wall units--not just for books--extra dishes that don't fit in those small kitchens!
8. a nice view that hopefully does not involve looking out onto a dirty roof, or a crazy busy street.
7. a dresser--in the bathroom. the bedrooms can be so small, but the bathrooms large...extra storage,
and a surface to put things on.
6. wine rack. filled with wine.
5. take out menus, either online in 'favourites' or stashed in the junk drawer.
4. cheap but chic 'trays' that are not used as trays--instead, they can keep loose mail, running gloves,
sunglasses, and magazines in an easy to reach area--but they look all neat and organized because
they're 'contained'.
3. a west facing suite so that you never have to see the morning sun (night owl here)
2. places to walk to
1. your own personal stamp--be it one red wall, a collage on the fridge, a tiny bar perched on a dessert card, or a vintage chair--it doesn't have to look
like an Ikea catalogue!

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