Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journal 92 You in a Nutshell

Stoli Asks: Would You Have a Drink With You?

I've been a little stumped lately at the blog writing.

Yes, listmania continues.
If anyone wants to answer any/all of these questions, email me.
I will only print your initial. Or not. I just want to start myself
thinking about something other than my chronic anxiety, sore foot, and impending,
unplanned, un-wedding-nuptials.
I harken this to that Stoli ad: Would you have a drink with you? (Would I? I think I would. I do. Believe me).

I've been in list mode for weeks and you know I love top tens.
So here goes.

1) Who/what inspires you most in life?

2) Where do you get your unique style and outlook on life?

3) What's your top thing that contributes to you 'keepin' it real?'

4) What is your most treasured memory? (you can add a couple).

5) What is your "go to" outfit?

6) Dream man? Real or celeb.

7) What are you reading right now?

8) What is your guilty pleasure (it can be tv, it can be chocolate, what have you).

9) What has been your biggest challenge?

10) What age have you loved the most/are looking forward to the most and Why?

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