Monday, July 23, 2012

Slice of life

Below is an email exchange with my lovely blog friend Julia. I've been writers-blocked since my last blog debacle and here I'm hinting, oh loyal readers, as to how I'm going to deal with my truth--disguise it as fiction! Brill or what? Brill I think....

In terms of being well-read, I often shy away from "true lit" (as the purists would define it)
but, J, I am a bibliophile and bookworm to the highest degree. It's my favourite thing to do.
I will read junk sometimes (case in point The Hunger Games, pure curiosity, and The Dragon
Tattoo thing) but for the most part I want to learn as I read. My dream (truly) is to work in
a bookstore one day, maybe when I'm really old and want to just kind of 'be'.
I read this thing on twitter the other day about a man who worked in a bookstore, and
called himself a "booktender" and confessed his pathological curiosity about others, how it
drove his work and reading and writing. I fall into the same vein (hence the interest in
other bloggers).
RE: the Starlets. So true. They give some (ie, the vast majority) a nice low standard of intellect
to aspire to.
RE: Colorado. I know. It's sad too because Toronto has had a shameful summer of crime, nicknamed
'the summer of the gun' and we had a shooting in our largest, downtown mall, and it was pandemonium
over here. And we're not a gun-toting bunch, I have to tell you. It shocks me. I want the old world
back. So badly.
Juliaipsa should definitely remain as is, to your standards and voice. You definitely have a voice. I think
that's the most important thing. The voice is what readers keep coming back for, I think.

I'm growing back in love with my blog, and I know that I will continue to pile personal stories onto it,
and maybe in some instances I'll write little pieces of 'Fiction' so that those who wish to be left off
my blog can appear as a pseudonym, and situations can be honestly talked about, via a fictional story.
I think that is going to be my approach.

I've got an entry kicking about in my head right now about a dinner I went to last night, but I've also
got this crazy fulltime job that needs my attention.

Loving the email trail though ;)

RE: NYC. God. Such a magical, VAST city. I was spellbound. I arrived, after a gruelling summer of heartbreak and was able to lift some huge burdenous issues off my shoulders and enjoy the hell out of NYC.
So for that alone, it holds a special place in my heart. Somewhere I went ... to heal.

:) Carolyn

Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 11:01:21 -0400
Subject: Re: tungsten

Oh, Carolyn, that's considerate of you to ask if it's ok to blog some of this stuff. It's fine w/me. Thanks for asking.

"Limited intellect --> soapbox status" --- that makes me laugh. I maintain that the starlets of our world, whether on a tv screen or computer screen, they are rarely equal parts brain and beauty. They are, usually, just savvy, lucky, ruthless, and/ or have a strong PR agent. Let them enjoy their moment.

That whole Colorado mess is something. I try not to follow these sorts of stories b/c they're disturbing and distressing, but my sister told me about his background last night. It's really startling how damaged an individual can be, under such an intact exterior, no less. I hope he receives the help he needs.

I do not know some of these authors! You are much more well-read than I. When I started having eye problems when I moved here five years ago, I stopped reading altogether. My eyes just couldn't take it. I used to love to read :(. Things are a bit more under control now, but I only recently started getting the book-reading itch again.

It is very flattering that you receive my content so well, but at the same time, it prompts a slew of new, unsettling thoughts about my readers' perceptions of me. I don't want to overthink it, so I'll just say that it's most important to me that I keep juliaipsa the way it always has been; as a chronicling outlet for myself.


I forgot to respond to your NY visit ... September is one of the best months here so long as there's not some freaky stretch of searing hot Indian summer madness going on. I'm glad you had a lovely visit. How could you not? There's something for everyone here.


On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 10:14 PM, carolyn iyer <> wrote:
I hear that J...
I think that the recent disillusionment (I've felt it even more keenly in this post-movie-theatre shoot-up this past weekend) has to do with people that I feel have limited intellect but now, with a blog, have achieved moderate soap-box status. Some of the 'mom-blogs' (oh god. A term I LOATHE) felt that criticizing parents for bringing their under-sevens to a midnight movie showing was...wrong (?).
(I was shocked--f*ck up your kids the ol' fashioned way, when they got their hands on books and movies they had no business seeing/reading, but because they found them they "had to know about it" {I quote Joan Didion here}). I mean some old friends of mine had some er, debative discourse on this very topic. I participated as the silent
minority--a childless woman (by choice, not circumstance) in her late thirties.
I always want cooler heads to prevail, but after reading two momblogs that made me wish "heads could roll" I realized, as I slog through reading yet another memoir--I need
quality. I LONG for quality. I need quiet, unrecognized quality, not the block-buster-best-seller John Grisham blog or the Michael Chricton blog. I need the Madeleine L'Engle musing on being an only child in the forties with an alcoholic father kind of blog, I need Mary Cantwell "Manhattan When I Was young" type of blog. 
I need world-weary, a bit worn, I need scars, I need William Styron's Darkness Visible, I need Sylvia Plath to write a blog, I need Ayn Rand to talk about what she does late at night when no one's around.
 Okay, i've just realized I'm dumping a pseudo-blog entry on you, a fave blogger of mine.
I love your blog because:
you drop hints
you scratch the surface of you
you leave a reader wanting more, but not frustratingly so
your photographs are a gift the world needs more of
you peer through your own lens (literally and figuratively) to see how, exactly, this life you
are living is going to play out.
I await your story. One post at a time.

It is Monday, the end of Monday, it was a quick and dirty day and the best part about it:
it's over. Glass of wine is in hand, dishes are in sink after I cooked a guilty pasta with alot of salt and yes, mushrooms are vegetables and fresh basil is green.

This is my Monday night blog entry now.
Is that okay?

Why do writers need permission? Why? We are in a free continent. We are so lucky for this.
And yet we shy away, we sugarcoat, we dance around the truth of our lives.

What can we do? I am hoping age brings me a searing clarity that allows me to
just slice throught the b.s. with kindness and wisdom.

On to Tuesday.

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