Thursday, July 12, 2012

Doing the Math

This is a post from one of those new blogs I'm reading that I'm in love with.
It has to do with 'doing the math', which is something that, I'm chagrined to admit, I do all the time--in my head. For a creative person, I do spend an awful lot of time thinking about numbers.


When I read this post by the talented Ms. Rowley, I thought about how often I do this type of thing.

1.  I think about when I was half my father's age, ie, the age he was when I was born:

2.  I think about how old he was when he lost both his parents:

3.  I think about how much time he had left himself, to live, after thirty-three:
thirty years (less time than the thirty-three he'd already lived).

4.  How old I was when he was the age I am now, thirty-eight:

5.  On every piece of work I did last year, from contracts to quotes, to designs to letters, I look at the date and do some quick mental arithmetic (oh that was two months before he died. that was two weeks after).  Appallingly, I realize how, of all the work I did in about a six-month period, starting in March, when the prognosis dropped on us, to about September, when I got back from my first real vacation since it all happened, I don't remember doing any of it. As in, none. It's like someone else did all that work. Same with the banking, government, legalities, and all those other things.
Who was she?
How did she do all that?
I wonder still.

6. How long it's been since he died:
thirteen months, exactly, tomorrow. (thirteen. that number again).

7.  How long it will be before I stop doing this:
maybe there is no number for that.

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