Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gone Fishing (ok running)

I'm in Maine.
I promise pictures tomorrow.
I was out running tonight and there wasn't anywhere to stow my camera.

There are American flags flying from every garrison house (this is a housing style in New England, intriguing) and the beach was packed.

I ran alongside the Atlantic, past beach-bound families with their kids, dogs, and bright umbrellas.
I took my shoes off and finally gave this barefoot thing a try. NOW I get it.  When the sun proved too hot, I took off my running skirt (bikini underneath), stored my shoes, socks, and ipod on the sand, and dove into the ocean.

I'm eating lobster pizza, unloading my bag of goodies from Target, and trying to figure out how I'm going to leave this again and go back home til the end of August.

And then I pour a glass of chardonnay, put my arms around Mike, and push those thoughts right out of my head.

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