Saturday, June 30, 2012

Running Playlist Re-tooled

Once I memorize which song is coming next on my running playlist, it's all over (and I memorize fast).
So I have to 'change it up' all the time.
I also actually bought some 'new' music (new to me, probably old news to everyone else) today and mixed up a playlist before my very short run today (I got up early, was playing on iTunes, wandered to Starbucks, basically wasted the cool part of the day, so I ended up leaving for my run at 11am, and I did a quick 8 km to round out my June total to 103. But today was the hottest run so far--usually I'm already running by 9am. My own fault).

Okay, here's the new playlist (some of these songs have been on here before, some are brand-new to my ipod, and some are

Warm-up phase:
1)  Good Times--Tom Cochrane and Red Rider--a slow choice to start with. Also, this song hadn't been on iTunes previously, and it was today, and I was overjoyed--it's an old favourite. This one will get you going slowly, which is what I want, and it's one of those songs that lends itself well to ear-bud-listening.
2) Take Care--Drake & Rihanna--another nice tempo to get started.
3) Life in Technicolour--Coldplay--this one from my friend H., haven't run with it yet, but spot 3 just feels right for this very nice song.

Going for it:
4) Forbidden Love--Madonna--great tempo as you step it up.
5) Jump--Madonna--this song blends out from Forbidden Love, like it's one long song.
6) Love is a Battlefield--Pat Benatar--still one of my all-time favourite running songs. Never fails to make me pick up my step.
7)  Wide Awake--Katy Perry. Yes, I bought a Katy Perry song.
8)  We Found a Love--Calvin Harris & Rihanna--great beat.
9)  Good Feeling--FloRida. Need I say more?
10)  DJ Got us Falling in Love Again--Usher. Another great pick-me-up.
11) Where Have You Been?--Rihanna--a new one today. Love it. Love all her stuff really.
12) Feel it in my Bones--Tiesto ft. Tegan and Sara.
13) Ain't Nobody--Mary J. Blige.
14) Tonight I'm Loving You--Enrique ft. Ludacris.
15) Shut Up and Drive--Rihanna.
16) OMG--Usher ft. Will I Am.
17) Rolling in the Deep--Adele. (an all-time favourite).
18) Hard--Rihanna--great follow up to the Adele.
19) More--Usher
20) What you See--Madonna
21) Make me Proud--Drake ft. Nicky Minaj
22) Atomic--Blondie

On the way home:
23) Miles Away--Madonna
24) Fast Love--George Michael
25) Sultans of Swing--Dire Straits
26) Take you on a Cruise--Interpol
27) Sometimes--Ours

This usually does it.
Happy Running!

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