Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ick. Just noticed these comments on Reagan's Blob.
Funny thing, this Jenny Page, I'm pretty sure is Annie Brown. Or Annie Brown is Reagan herself.

Let me just say this:
When writers talk about truth, it doesn't necessarily mean that the opposite is lying.
It means the opposite is omission or bricking up the wall that the truth stands behind.

The fact that lying is even brought up, and that Jenny Page (who has no link to her name, which I'm convinced is a fake one--also, her comments creep me out every single time I read Reagan's Blob, it's like she's wayyyy too nice, and is actually a man who is overly-complimentary or what have you) but 'gossipy hurtful' is really pushing it. But then, Jenny Page seems to have a limited vocabulary range, and her time is spent posting what amount to 'anonymous' comments, so, I take Jenny Page with a grain of (rock) salt. And I think you, Ms. "Page"  are more than 'a little' odd.

As for the whole wink post--well, Reagan, you said the blog was lacking sass. "Truth" be told, it's not. It lacks honesty, and I underscore the point about honesty not being the diametric opposite of dishonesty. Well, splitting hairs, it is, but putting on a facade, and expecting people to go along with it is not that honest. (and I am not the type to just 'go along' with things).

I'm your reader, and apparently, you're my reader, and I think, to say the least, blogger-to-blogger, you have a responsibility, as I do, to uphold your end of the bargain. If I want to read fiction, I'll go to the library. And before you run off, arms waving, about personal boundaries and all that, I just say this: get over it. I do like your blog. And then sometimes I don't. And really, it shouldn't matter.

Look--I've read a tonne of the comments. Some of the 'rah rah sis boom bah' sh*t just doesn't sit well with me. I don't applaud writers who do what you've done. Do I stop reading or threaten to stop?
No. But at least my comments have a real name, a direct link back, and an honesty to them.

More than I can say about these.
I lifted them right off the comments board and they are here, on my blog.

Comment from jenny page
@Carolyn lyer, hi. I mean no offense, but I thought your comment a little odd? I clicked on the link you posted and you’ve written numerous times on your blog about Reagan’s Blob and how much you like it…yet you’ve also written what looks to be gossipy hurtful stuff about her. Is that the truth you’re talking about? I’m sincerely confused.

Comment from Reagan Breinholt
Yeah…I agree with Jenny page. I’m a little confused because I’m sure we don’t know each other. So I’m not sure what you think I’m lying about.
Oh, actually! I am lying about it being a wink in the picture. Piper wasn’t winking, she was squinting from the sun. Other than that I literally have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Comment from Reagan Breinholt
    My comment above was directed towards Carolyn

  • Just stumbled on this little nugget from a great blogger I follow on twitter (

    AMEN indeed.


    1. Note on my blog comment policy (new policy):
      I don't publish (or read) comments where the author of the comment can't be traced back.
      That amounts to anonymity to me.
      Own your comments.

    2. Dear Ms. Lyer:

      I am responding to your June 27th post, largely about myself, and the link to your post you put on Reagan’s Blob directing people to this post. I was very surprised to be the subject, with Reagan, of a blog of a stranger! I must correct you on virtually every thing you wrote and assumed about me, a total stranger, as the statements are false, fictious and/or frankly, a little bizarre. Let’s take them from the top, shall we?

      Your stated beliefs:

      You’re pretty sure I am someone named Annie Brown; I have no link to my name and you are convinced it’s a fake name; my comments on Reagan’s Blob creep you out every single time you read them because they are wayyyyy too nice, and you think I’m actually a man; I seem to have a limited vocubulary range; my time is spent posting ‘anonymous’ comments; I should be taken with a grain of rock salt; I am more than a little odd.

      My responses:

      Hello, Jennifer Page, born and bred! Sorry to disappoint. You haven’t seen a link, or IP address, because I’ve never commented on your blog and I don’t blog myself. SURPRISE! You can tell by my posting what my IP address is now. If you want to email me, feel free to!

      My comments creep you out because they’re too nice, thus I must be a man? Okaaaaay. Well,
      I try to be a nice person, supportive and empathetic to people. I have a profoundly disabled child in my family. I was a single mother for 20 years. Reagan’s feedback to me has been that my comments have been helpful - thus they continue. A man? I’d offer to let you look under my C cup bra, but, really, that seems inappropriate. Some women are nice, too!

      For several years I have read Reagan’s Blob. I have infinite admiration for her sweetness, spunk and desire to be kind, in addition to her intelligence and clear adoration of her special needs child. I am simply one of hundreds of women who read her blob and who’ve given comments of encouragement. I am clearly not special, or unique, in that regard. As I said above, I relate to some of what she’s been through, and I know how much it meant to me when I was given encouragement.

      As far as my limited vocabulary range? I have no idea on what that is even based? I believe I have an excellent vocabulary and have to use it in Court daily where I practice as an attorney. I suppose we could play Words With Friends....but you’re not my friend, so this baseless assumption will just have to remain that.

      I don’t know why you would call me names. I have no response to that.

      My comment to you on Reagan’s blob was based on looking at your blog and being seriously surprised at your entries, including the June 10th one where you engage in gossip that anyone would find invasive, hurtful and inappropriate. I didn’t call YOU odd, I said I found your comment ‘a little odd’. Your blog, if you search ‘Reagan’, shows you have spent a lot of time and posts talking about her, and some seem very admiring. That’s why your June 10th post and comment to Reagan about her lack of honesty seemed odd to me??

      I suppose I could spend another paragraph, or two, trying to explain to an unreasonable person that some people don’t have motivations when they’re trying to be helpful, or kind, other than to make someone feel better. Even more so when that person has brought sunshine into my life. But, I lack the time or inclination (wowee, that’s a four syllable word!).

      If you post this on your blog, I admire you for that and wish you the best. If you don’t, I will post it on Reagan’s so the people you’re trying to inaccurately influence will be properly informed.


      Jenny Page

    3. Oh Jenny.
      I've got your number.


    5. Oh, Carolyn, please call me at that number! You are someone willing to recklessly write false statements about people you don't know. Be careful. You may find yourself sued for intentional slander and libel. Me? Well, I can easily count at least 5 lies you said about me. You are on notice, that you DO NOT know me and I object to your libelous untruths. Jennifer Page. (I could care less if you post this - you've received it.).

      1. Jenny, is this your way of politely asking me to take these posts down? I would email you, woman to woman, but alas, again, you hide behind a veil of ... secrecy.

    6. Ms. Liar, my email is published to you when I comment. Anyone with an elementary understanding of computers and blogs knows that. You have my email. Everyone knows that. The only secret conspiracy is in your mind. I won't engage with the unstable. No matter what you say in return. I promise! You can't bait me. Sayonara, Ms. Lyer. Jenny Page (nice to know you've abandoned the fantasy that I am a man, or someone named Annie Brown).