Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Randoms

I've dealt with head (migraine? something more?) pain now.
I've seen the doctor, been to the hospital, had a catscan, visited the eye doctor for my constricted
(right eye only) pupil. Had drops put in that made my vision blurry for hours.
Continued to go to work every day, getting little done, as I try to 'work through the pain'.

So far, it's a flop.
Upon waking Friday morning,  my head felt the best it had in two weeks.
Good enough that if I had had the time and it wasn't a Friday morning, I would have laced on my shoes and blasted off for a run.  Except for one small thing--I couldn't  move my neck from side to side without a screaming pain.
My body is still not happy, and I still can't run, and as I await an MRI in some distant medical future (end of June now), this makes me very un-happy.
Another weekend spent combing my mind as to how I did this to myself, what happened, why, and when it will stop. All those honest serving men (remember that rhyme? Or am I the only one who knows it? "I keep six honest serving men, they taught me all I knew. Their names are what, and why and when, and how and where and who").

Not running means I am a caged lion(ess).
Irritable. (I currently have two co-workers with recurrent, seemingly incurable coughs. I am losing my mind at work).
I've also cut my coffee consumption down by about two-thirds, my chardonnay-imbibing skills are at an all time low, and today, Sunday, was an epic day to run. Light breeze, half-sunlight. I had to talk myself out of it (it went like this: You will injure yourself MORE if you go today, you must heal, you must...I ended up at Costco with my mom and sister. Bought more vitamins).
Not running also has another side-effect:
Writer's block. (just typo'ed blog by mistake. yea, I get it). are some links I've explored this week, in a vain attempt to get me out of myself and back into the world of the pain-free, where I prefer to reside.

Louise Hay.
I listen to her affirmations CD often. I need to tune into the section on Health right now, for obvious reasons.
I explored this blog entry, where she instructs that pain can be referred to as "sensation" which is a good semantics trick. I'm trying it right now. The other thing I'm trying are muscle relaxants (praise the lawd. I can move my head and check my blind spot). 

This article does not pertain specifically to me but I was happy to find it as this word, 'orthorexia'.
It talks about that really annoying condition where you go out to dinner with friends and there is always that ONE person who is obsessed with every pithy bite of food that goes into their mouth. It usually encourages me to have more wine so I can block them out.

I'm reading "Chai Tea Sunday" by Heather Clark. She classifies herself as 'not a real writer' but so far, five chapters in, it feels like a 'real' book. I even caught myself crying as I lay in bed late last night, unable to put it down. She wrote it while on mat leave for her second child. Yes. One of the overachieving-types whom I tend to admire and whose abilities to get it all done amazes me.

That's about it. I've got a couple of posts on the back burner that are kind of negative, as I'm feeling so low without exercise.
If I get around to editing them, I'll post them shortly.

Ah Sunday. Speeding right by...

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