Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Reads

I've realized, in ruminating regularly over my own profile, that I haven't been nearly prolific enough lately in outlining my reading tastes to blog-land.
So I'm committing to a weekly check-in of what's on my bookshelf, being consumed in the too-fast way that I read.

Out of the wonderful used bookstore I frequent, I found the latest McCall-Smith offering, from the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency--The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection (hardcover! $12.99!). 
It's kept me company on this long journey of being home sick.

I also wikipedia'ed Mr. McCall Smith.
As I suspected, he has an enviably ordered life, and also, as I suspected, he's a Virgo! But not just any Virgo--he actually shares the same birthdate as yours-truly!
I was excited by this.
What I was not excited to read was that Laura Bush is a fan (how? HOW? does she even GET the moral of these stories? Does she KNOW where Africa or Scotland can even be found? That they exist? They're not just places on a globe!?).

Anyway, the other nugget of information I gleaned from the site is that Mr. McCall Smith has another instalment of the Isabel Dalhousie series due out this year, "The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds".  There is no image available for it yet. How I would love to design a bookcover of what I imagine Isabel's house to look like, under a cloudy Scottish sky.
I'll endeavour to keep my reads up-to-date on the blog, and to share any and all good reads. (most of them are pretty good. That being said, over the past two library visits, in an effort to pick books quickly and GO I did take out a couple of books I'd already read. And it took me a while to figure it out.)

McCall Smith also has a delightful website with a great tune playing in the background as you browse the books...

Happy (reading) Friday....

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