Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Morning

Just a few of my favourite blogs, as I sit on a Saturday morning, brewing coffee with my French press (my coffee maker broke about 6 months ago. I never got around to getting a new one. Yes, I'm serious). reading is what I am doing right now instead of running, instead of waking Mike up, instead of packing for Niagara-on-the-Lake, because we are supposed to

Anyway. Not sure if you can click on the links above (MAC. you frustrate me sometimes) but these are some that I like to peruse through. I especially like the fact that:
a) all of these blogs are radically different from each other
b) yes. some are by mormons. I know that I have nothing in common with mormons but I'm fascinated by their approach to that ever-thorny topic known as "religion"
c) all of these writers are doing this pretty much just for the sake of writing. Not really for much else. Yes, I'm sure everyone on this list (myself included) would lurve a book deal, a job, something to come out of what can sometimes seem endless blogging about life and how everyone approaches that daily thing called "living" a little bit differently from everyone else.

That's the real hook, isn't it? The internet, with all its "sameness" and often vanilla content, showing us that every person has their own unique way of living life and we get a glimpse into that when reading blogs, facebook statuses (stati?) and tweets on twitter.

In the words of my friend L., "I love it all".

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