Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love, Love, and More Love

Yesterday I married my best friend and soulmate.
The person I can thank for this is my dear friend Gerard.
Thank you Gerard. We miss you every single day and we love you.
Dad--you didn't get to be there in person either, but I know you were there in spirit too.
Love you and missed having you walk me down that aisle.
But I'm grateful that you got to meet Mike and say Hello-Goodbye.
Mrs. W. Missed you too yesterday, and always use your expression "love, love, and more love" every time something goes right in my life. You believed, no matter what, I was destined to find love. Thank you for that.
To everyone else, all my family, friends, and my new Iyer family--you have all shown me, in your own special ways,
how truly blessed I am.

Love, Love, and More Love to you all.

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