Friday, January 27, 2012

Journal 115 Married Life

Things I like about being married (so far, it's exceeding my expectations. I knew it would. Yes I know I'm not even a month in yet. Whatever. I'm a late bloomer, let me enjoy myself):

1. Coming home to him.
This one's important. Going from LDR to LDM (at least for the next little while) is tough, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. There was a period last year where we were apart, continuously, with not even a quick visit, for over five months.
So for me, coming home to him means a little bit more than the person who gets married, moves right into sharing a home with their spouse, and is able to 'start' their life together right off. It's going to be tricky, and I'm not exactly sure how it will look when I get to top of the hill on this immigration stuff, but I know it will be okay.

2. Coming home to him after what feels like a nearly-endless work week, after attending an evening work event, it's almost 10 pm and I have left the house at 8 that morning and he's made a whole dinner, with a bunch of snacks, and it's waiting for me.
There is nothing better than that.

3. Coming home to him and talking about my day, his day, the recent tennis match in the Australian Open, the weekend away we're planning, the upcoming Superbowl, what he bought at the store, what we're going to do tomorrow, what our dreams are, how we're going to make them come true.
I once read a poster about marriage (in my therapist's waiting room, oddly enough) that said: "Marry a person you can talk to."
I now completely understand this statement. Talking to Mike I have some of the best conversations ever. There are very few people who fall into this category.

4. Someone else loves my niece and nephew as much as I do. And they love him back.

5. I have another niece and nephew now and they are both amazing.
(this sounds funny. not a 'new' niece and nephew, just 'I have an additional niece and nephew. LOL. Whatever, they're great).

6. My new family. They are American, opinionated, talkative, and all amazing as well.

7. When people compliment my rings.

8. That despite spending the last fifteen-odd years of my adult life trying to escape the restaurant industry by becoming a kitchen designer and building my career up while waitressing on the side and truly sometimes detesting it, I'm now married to someone who runs a restaurant. The irony doesn't escape me, believe me.

9. That somehow I've become something that is not usually a label applied to women: Sportsfan. I know. Yesterday after the IDS show and getting a free copy of the Globe and Mail, I found myself leafing through the Sports section, something I used to automatically pull out of the paper to put into the recycling to get it out of my way. The strangest part was reading the stories with interest and knowledge. Sports has always been my bugbear category in Trivial Pursuit. I vow it will be no more.

10. Calling Mike my husband. For so many more reasons than I could ever list here.

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