Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I've been in Maine for over a week now.
It's a nice change of pace, as people don't rush here. They don't feel the need to hurry and run around like they do in my city, line-ups for everything, cars all over the place, and this endless feeling of always playing catch-up, usually with yourself.
It's a different feeling for me, to be around all this calm. Here's hoping I can breathe it in for myself, and keep some inside me to bring home.
Just checking in.
Below is the pier at Old Orchard Beach, where they have rides and a little strip of shops;
below that is a building that I described to M. as what Canadians picture when they think of Maine. My entire frame of reference for Maine came from reading Stephen King novels and always thinking of it as a rural, haunted state, which seems to funny to me now, in retrospect, after being able to experience life here, deep into my third visit.
I like it here.

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